Tennessee Lake Management and Tennessee Pond Management: The Real Premiere Bluegill Company

A pond consultant from another state made a Facebook post recently in which he claimed to be the premiere bluegill expert in the country.  I have made a few posts in the past that addressed the large gap between our skill at growing trophy bluegill, and any other pond management company in the U.S.  I still contend we’re better at growing big bass than all but a small handful of guys in the country, and better by a long shot than anyone else working in this state; but any pond consultant from California to Virginia and anywhere in between that tells you he can even come close to us in growing big bluegill is simply selling you a bill of goods.

I posted a couple photos last year of bluegill that had been caught from a seven-acre pond we manage in this state and which we stocked as a new pond.  The pond was freshly-dug and had no fish in it when we stocked coppernose and fatheads in March 2016; the coppernose were some of the smallest I have ever stocked, averaging closer to an inch than two inches.  Last May the owner sent me a photo of a nine-inch coppernose; then in June he sent me a photo of a ten-incher…

This was caught today from the same pond – 10.75 inches:

Bluegill have an average lifespan in the South of six years.  If this fish was already six months old when it was stocked, it still has at least three and a half more years to grow.  What do you think this fish will look like in three years?