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Trophy Pond is a fish hatchery and lake and pond management company in Tennessee.  We’re the world’s only commercial producer of hand-painted bluegill.  We’re the only hatchery in Tennessee that raises pure coppernose bluegill and pure Florida largemouth, and our fish are adapted to Tennessee winters, which means they’ll thrive in your pond.  We are the only pond construction company in Tennessee for whom the general contractor is also a fisheries biologist: we don’t make the mistakes that excavators with no knowledge of fish make, mistakes that can mean the difference between a memorable pond and a failing one.

Our owner has been constructing, repairing and managing private ponds and lakes since 1987, and unlike other companies that copy our methods, we set the trends in private water management.  Lots of companies claim to be experts in lake and pond management in Tennessee.  We actually have the results to prove it, and we’ll give you better fishing in your pond than you ever dreamed possible.

Our pond management company specializes in fish stocking, electrofishing surveys, lake and pond management, pond construction and repair, pond maintenance, consulting, and trophy bluegill guided fishing in Tennessee and surrounding states.


Do you want to create a pond or want more from your existing pond?  Would you and your visitors like to land larger fish or have a greater variety of sport fish in your body of water?  Do you want to potentially improve your property value and get more enjoyment from your pond or lake?  Do you have a weed or algae problem?  Or do you simply want a healthier, more beautiful body of water?  Whatever your goals are, our pond and lake management company can help you reach them.  We can help make it possible for you and your friends and visitors to land fish you’ll be bragging about.  Trophy Pond manages lakes and ponds for landowners in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky, providing services including:


Our pond treatment company offers products to help you get more enjoyment from your lake or pond.  We offer Vertex Aquatic Solutions — a leading brand in pond and lake aeration equipment.  These systems help reduce algae, improve water quality, remove phosphorus and enhance the overall habitat of your pond for fish.  To make feeding fish convenient and simple, we also offer two types of fish feeders.  The Texas Hunter Fish Feeder uses an air stream to project feed pellets into the water from a dock and includes a timer for convenient feeding.  The PK Floating Fish Feeder includes a timer that can be set for as many as six feedings a day and includes an optional remote control.


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