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The Lake and Pond Management Experts

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Trophy Pond is a fish hatchery and lake and pond management company in Tennessee.  We’re the world’s only commercial producer of hand-painted bluegill.  We’re the only hatchery in Tennessee that raises pure coppernose bluegill and pure Florida largemouth, and our fish are adapted to Tennessee winters which means they’ll thrive in your pond.  We are the only pond construction and repair company in Tennessee for whom the general contractor is also a fisheries biologist: we don’t make the mistakes that excavators with no knowledge of fish make, mistakes that can mean the difference between a memorable pond and a failing one.

Our owner has been managing private ponds and lakes since 1987, and unlike other companies that copy our methods, we set the trends in private water management.  Lots of companies claim to be experts in lake and pond management in Tennessee.  We actually have the results to prove it, and we’ll give you better fishing in your pond than you ever dreamed possible.

We specialize in fish stocking, electrofishing surveys, lake and pond management, pond construction and repair, pond maintenance, consulting, and trophy bluegill guided fishing in Tennessee and surrounding states.