The Top 3 Fishing Charters in Georgia

Not everyone can afford their own private pond or Georgia Fish Stocking operation, but you still may want the help of an expert to put you onto some trophy fish in a hurry. If you’re from the Northern Georgia area, we’ve pulled together three well-reviewed fishing charters that may be worth a call. They are all based north of Atlanta and operate on some of Georgia’s larger lakes and Rivers.

Fishing Charters on Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier has some of the best Striped Bass fishing in Northern Georgia. Catching an over 30 pound Striped Bass isn’t uncommon for them. Fishing there isn’t like any other. Tours in the winter isn’t a problem for them, they offer guided trips all year round. Most of the fishing guides use live bait to help your chances of catching the trophy fish everyone is looking for

North Georgia’s Premier Fishing Guide Service

If you’re interested in catching over 50 pounds of either Striped Bass, Hybrids, or Spotted Bass, fishing with The Angler Fishing team is the place to be. They have two locations you can fish from, one in Blairsville, GA and the other in Hiawassee, GA. Both locations are equipped with everything you need to catch that trophy fish you have always wanted.

Orion Fishing Charters

The staff at Orion Fishing Charters didn’t want to stop at one location to provide excellent fishing to their customers. They offer charting at 3 different lakes in Northern Georgia. Each location is unique and offer something for everyone. Lake Allatoona is more for the seasoned fisherman. They have a large population of Striped Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Spotted Bass. Etowah River is the perfect place for the kayak and canoe lover. The water in the river holds all the fish at different times. You have a chance to catch fish with 4 in. water all the way up to several feet deep. If you’re interested in the big game, Coosa River is the place for you. It has muddier water to help hold your bait.

Owning your own trophy pond or Georgia Fish Stocking operation isn’t necessary when it comes to catching the large trophy bass. Knowing the right place to go and who to go to will make all the difference. All of these companies have exactly what you need, and they have a little bit for everyone.