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It’s simple when you think about it: nothing compares to experience.

If you needed open-heart surgery, would you hire a surgeon right out of medical school, or would you hire the most experienced, proven heart surgeon you could find?  If you had to go to court, would you hire an attorney six months out of law school, or one with twenty years of experience and many victories in court?  Perhaps you were choosing a builder to build your dream home: would you choose a contractor who had just gotten his contractor’s license, or one who had built thousands of homes and had many satisfied customers?

Your pond or lake is your escape; it’s your pride and joy (or it should be).  Nothing can compare to experiencing world-class fishing in water that has your name on the deed.  But you won’t have that kind of fishing if you hire the wrong pond management company.  And the easiest way to make sure you hire the right company is simply to hire the one with the most experienced biologist.

Our owner, Walt Foreman, has been managing private ponds and lakes in Tennessee since 1987.  That’s longer than any other private biologist working in this state.  He has a master’s in fisheries science from the University of Florida, one of the top fisheries programs in the country.  Many of our competitors are sending out biologists with generalist degrees in environmental science or biology to work on private waters in this state; as you might guess, these other degrees require no courses in fisheries science, and the level of knowledge that these biologists have regarding the fish in your pond will reflect that.

Even among the biologists who have degrees in fisheries science or aquaculture, oftentimes they’re a year or two removed from college.  It’s just not possible for someone that green to manage a private pond or lake as effectively as someone with decades of experience.  And you can see the difference firsthand in the results we get compared to those companies.

We managed ponds very differently ten years ago than we did when we first began doing it in 1987; we manage ponds differently now than we did even as recently as two years ago.  That’s because we’re always learning, even with our considerable experience; we were very good at pond management ten years ago, but we’re even better at it now.

A Few Reasons You Should Hire Us 1) One reason you should hire us rather than one of our competitors is simply our superior knowledge of Tennessee ponds and lakes.  Our climate is different from that of Alabama or Georgia or Ohio, and methods used in those states with great success will produce dismal failure on Tennessee ponds.  We ourselves employ different methods on the Alabama and Georgia ponds we manage than we do those in our home state.  This may seem like a very basic, common-sense thing; yet we get phone calls every year from landowners who just had a company from one of those other states manage their ponds

as though they were located in their home states rather than here.  We got just such a call a week ago, and I had to tell the landowner that the $2,000 he had spent on the recommendation of that Alabama company had been wasted money that would have little impact.  It made a nice impact for that Alabama company’s bottom line, but none beyond that.   We have been managing ponds and lakes here in Tennessee long enough to know what works, and what doesn’t work.  We have learned both from our own mistakes and from those of our competitors; every time we work on a new lake or pond that isn’t producing good fishing, we study the management history of the water body as part of our total approach to superior management.  Trust me when I say we have seen a lot of underperforming ponds and lakes over the years; over time, patterns emerge, if one takes the time to observe closely enough to notice them, and these patterns, again for a biologist who is observant and inquisitive, lead to better knowledge of how to manage Tennessee ponds and lakes.  We have been at this long enough to see many different patterns; and with this wealth of experience comes a wealth of capability to more effectively manage your pond or lake.

2) Another reason you should hire us rather than the other guys is because unlike all of our competitors in this state offering full-service pond and lake management, we are actually headquartered in Tennessee, as opposed to having an “office” here.  One of our competitors that makes a big deal of touting their office in Nashville, has as said office a tiny space in a strip mall; they don’t raise any fish there, nor do they stock most of the products that they sell; it’s open two days a week. Another company advertises three locations in this state, but lists no address for any of them, only listing the same toll-free phone number that they list for North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (they have an address listed for their home state of Alabama).  We know firsthand that they don’t have offices where they claim to, because one of our current customers talked them about stocking his 6.5-acre bass pond before deciding to hire us, and they told him they’d be coming from Alabama – though their website claims they have an office just south of Nashville.  3) The best reason you should hire us is simply because we get better results.  We work harder than our competitors; we’ve been at it longer than they have; and we’re just better at growing giant fish in your pond for you.


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We were pretty good at managing ponds way back in 1987.  This is a photo of a twenty-two-ounce bluegill that Walt caught from a four-acre pond sometime around 1992, a pond he began managing in ‘87:


This is a photo of a forty-six-ounce bluegill caught by one of Walt’s guide clients in 2019, from a 1.1-acre pond we began managing in 2014:


These are a couple largemouth bass that were caught from a 56-acre lake in 2012, a lake we began managing in 2009:


These are a few bass that were caught in 2018 and 2019 from a 1.1-acre pond we began managing in 2014 (the same one, if you’re wondering, that produced the giant bluegill above):


If you aren’t satisfied with mediocre fishing and truly want your pond to be the very best it can be, you owe it to yourself to call the real experts in Tennessee pond management today.  You’ll be very, very glad you did.


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