Tennessee Lake Management

Lake management for a fish population on a fifty-acre lake is entirely different than it is on a one-acre pond. If you own a lake of ten acres or more and you’re not regularly catching bass and bluegill bigger than what most anglers have ever even seen in person, your lake is not being managed properly and you might need help.

Fish Stocking

We stock private ponds and lakes in a wide region including Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky,  Mississippi, and Arkansas. Please call 931-374-0536 for current pricing and availability.


An electrofishing survey includes a detailed, comprehensive management plan tailored expressly for your pond or lake, based on the results of the survey, with your angling goals in mind. As part of the survey, we test your pH, alkalinity, oxygen levels, and visibility, and use these parameters to further inform the plan.

Pond Weed Control

Have weeds stolen your lake from you? We are a certified commercial applicator for aquatic herbicides and can give you back your lake, safely and professionally.


At Trophy Pond Management, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. Listening closely to the pond owner’s stated goals for the pond can mean the difference between a happy pond owner, and expensive corrective action three or four years down the road. We help you get it right the first time, so that you can enjoy your pond rather than lose sleep wondering why that pond manager from that big management company managed your pond for his goals rather than yours. We analyze every facet of your pond, from alkalinity to water clarity, from fish population dynamics to angling frequency and harvest load, from genetics to food chain to pond size and topography, to come up with a plan that’s completely customized to your specific pond and your specific goals.

Pond Liming and Fertilization

Liming is essential maintenance for ponds with aquatic life because it maintains the alkalinity and pH at levels that are optimal for fish health and a thriving food chain.

Monthly fertilization is a key component of successful management of fish ponds in the South. Fertilization is simply feeding the phytoplankton, the microscopic plants found in any pond, so that they greatly increase, creating what is known as a plankton bloom.

Guided Fishing Tennessee

We are the only guide service in the country that was started solely for the purpose of putting anglers on once-in-a-lifetime, trophy bluegill.  If you’ve never caught a bluegill 11″ or better, come fish with us – you’ll be glad you did!

Pond Aeration

A properly-designed aeration system will prevent most fish kills, eliminate the thermocline resulting in increased carrying capacity for the pond, improve water quality, and prolong the life of your pond by counteracting the eutrophication process.

Pond And Lake Construction & Repair

Trophy Pond specializes in expert Tennessee Lake construction, pond construction and repair. Choosing the right builder for your new Tennessee lake or pond is crucially important – someone who is inexperienced or doesn’t understand ponds can cost you tens of thousands and months or years of heartache. We get calls every year from landowners who just spent thousands to have a pond built, only to have it leak. Just because an excavator has run a dozer before does not mean he understands ponds, or what it takes to properly construct one so it holds water.