Guided Fishing Tennessee

We are the only guided fishing service in the country that started for the sole purpose of putting anglers on once-in-a-lifetime, trophy bluegill. There are thousands of fishing guides across Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, or Alabama who specialize in trophy largemouth, but if you want to catch an eleven-inch bluegill, there aren’t many places you can go and know that the odds are in your favor to do so in a day of fishing. Five of the seven bluegill pictured below were weighed: they went from 30 to 33 ounces each.  One of the other two measured 12 inches, and the other was not weighed, but a conservative estimate of its weight would be two pounds.



bluegill may 13

We provide the boat and all the tackle, and can help you find a local hotel – there’s even a bed and breakfast within a couple miles of one of our best honeyholes.  Your party will have the ponds all to yourself, just us and lots of big fish.

1-2 Anglers $600 per day
3-5 Anglers $800 per day