Aeration Design


Aeration has a host of benefits for a private lake or pond, including muck reduction, cleaner water, elimination of unpleasant odors, elimination of many vegetation problems, reduction of mosquito hatches, and healthier, faster-growing fish.

A properly-designed aeration system for your lake or pond will prevent most fish kills, eliminate the thermocline resulting in increased carrying capacity for the pond, improve water quality, and prolong the life of your pond by counteracting the eutrophication process.

We are an official dealer for Keeton aeration systems, the premier pond aeration product on the market today, and can custom-design a system specifically tailored to your pond.

If you have a private lake or pond in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Misissippi, or Kentucky, call us today about aeration design and put fish kills and stagnant water in the rearview mirror!