Pond Management Tennessee: A Simple Test to Help You Hire the Right Company

Pond and lake management is big business these days in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky; there are dozens of companies vying to manage your pond for you, and just as is the case in any industry, not all of these companies are created equal. If your car is suddenly making a strange noise and you need a mechanic, there may be three different shops within a few miles of you that, just from looking at their websites, seem to be all about the same; but once you go to those shops and see them in action, you quickly realize that there is a world of difference in the quality of service you will receive from them. Nowhere is this principle more true than in pond management in Tennessee.

We have a website that has received many compliments, and which represents us as being experts in pond and lake management; most of our chief competitors also have nice websites that claim the same for their abilities. So how are you, the pond owner, to know who the experts are, and who just has a nice website with claims that they can’t back up? This is where pond management differs from auto repair, because there’s a very simple test you can use, with any company that you might consider hiring to manage your pond.

Ask them to see some big-fish photos. If what they’re doing on their customers’ ponds is working, they should have hundreds of photos of big fish that have been caught by said customers. We have those photos in abundance, and we know of at least one of our competitors that can also produce hundreds of such photos.

That first test will eliminate some of the most egregious pretenders, the companies who have large staffs and fancy websites but no clue what they’re doing in pond management and thus tend to produce a lot of mediocre fisheries. Once you have it narrowed down to the companies that get results at least some of the time, there’s one more test you can apply.

Ask them what percentage of their clients have been with them for at least two years, and have not caught a trophy largemouth or bluegill, whichever their pond is being managed for, twice as big as any such fish they had ever caught prior to their management. If they tell you any percentage higher than 10%, you’re talking to the wrong company.

Full disclosure: you probably won’t find more than one company that will pass this second test. We know this because we have come behind all of our chief competitors in this state on dozens of private ponds and lakes, and we know firsthand that they fail far more often than they succeed.
We’re not magicians; we can’t be on your property once for thirty minutes or an hour and never be there again, and your pond still be as good as ponds that we’re actively managing. But we have never worked on a pond for two years or more where the landowner didn’t catch far bigger fish than he ever had prior to our management. Contact us for references; take a look at our fish photos. Better yet, call us, and see for yourself the difference we can make for your pond.