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Our chief competitor in Kentucky lists 43 staff members on its website; a grand total of one of those 43 is listed as having a degree in fisheries science, and he doesn’t work in Kentucky.  Big companies are great if they have the knowledge and expertise to meet your needs; if they don’t have said knowledge and expertise but represent themselves as though they do, they’re just an impediment to your goals.

We’re not a giant company at present; we only have a handful of staff members.  But our chief biologist Walt Foreman does have a master’s in fisheries science from the University of Florida, one of the top fisheries programs in the country, and more experience working on private ponds and lakes than any five of the biologists that big company alluded to above is sending out into the field on a daily basis.  That big staff doesn’t do you much good if the biologist that shows up to work on your pond was in college two years ago and can’t answer half of the questions you ask him about your pond; and he can do a world of harm to your pond if you let him stock it from that minimal knowledge.

Ponds and lakes in Kentucky are different from ponds and lakes in Tennessee, just as they’re different from ponds and lakes in Ohio, or Virginia.  The climate of the bluegrass state is distinctly different from the climates of those other states, and a management approach that ignores this will get mediocre results at best.  Just as important as climate is recognizing the factor of access: a management strategy based on close proximity of the pond management company, say perhaps within an hour’s drive such that said company can regularly travel to the pond for maintenance, will not work well on a pond in rural Kentucky hours away from said company’s office and its regular maintenance route.  When you hire us to help you with your pond, whether it’s a one-time initial stocking of a new pond or ongoing management, we consider every factor so that we can maximize your enjoyment of your pond and help you catch more and bigger fish.

There are some techniques from more southerly latitudes that work better than northern techniques for Kentucky ponds, just as there are techniques from northerly locales that work better than their southern counterparts.  We have experience with both, and know which techniques to use in which situations.  We won’t just sell you a one-size-fits-all approach like some of our competitors that manage every pond the same whether it’s in any one of half a dozen or ten different states.

Bottom line: if you want superior results, hire the true management experts for Kentucky ponds – hire Trophy Pond.  Give us a call today – you’ll be very, very glad you did.


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