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Fish Stocking

Here at Trophy Pond we specialize in fish stocking and lake and pond management in a wide region including Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi,and Arkansas. We are known to be the only hatchery in the world that sells hand-painted bluegill. For the past three years we wanted to capture a good stock of the beautiful bluegill, so we traveled to the Apalachicole River in the Florida panhandle to do just that. Like coppernose bluegill, these fish grow faster and get larger than northern-strain bluegill, and they make even coppernose look tame when it comes to their coloration. Our Kentucky lake and pond management and fish stocking company is also known for raising our own coppernose bluegill from brood stock brought directly from Florida. We sell northern, F-1, and pure Florida-strain largemouth from the finest hatcheries in the South. We also stock all of the following species: Hand-Painted Bluegill, Coppernose, Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, Fathead Minnows, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Threadfin, Shad, Golden Shiners, Crayfish, Mississippi Grass Shrimp, Channel Catfish, Black Crappie, Hybrid Striped Bass, Tiger Muskellunge, Grass Carp / White Amur & Tilapia.

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Pond Management


We use the most reliable and efficient method to sample any fish population. Electrofishing has been used since the 1950’s by fisheries biologist to help the health and growth of fish in lakes and rivers. Electrofishing has also become the top method to use by most pond management companies to sample ponds and lakes. An electrofishing survey includes a detailed, comprehensive management plan that is tailored expressly for your pond or lake. Based on the results of the survey, with your angling goals in mind. After the survey is complete, the resultant Kentucky lake and pond management plan is presented to the customer as a PDF mini-book that is typically twenty-five to thirty pages long and includes full-color photographs that illustrate every aspect of the plan, laid out in order of when each action should be performed. Call us today at (931) 374-0536 and let us transform your pond into the dream fishing spot you’ve always wanted!

Weed Control

Do you struggle with weed control in your pond or lake? We can safely restore your pond the professional way as a certified commercial applicator of aquatic herbicides with a specialty in weed control. While keeping some weeds is helpful to your pond by improving water quality f and helping to grow bigger and healthier fish there are other Kentucky weeds that will kill every fish in your pond if you leave them unmanaged. We’ll start by evaluating what vegetation is present and go one step further to determine the exact conditions that are allowing that vegetation to thrive. We always want to treat the cause, rather than just treating the system and we stay dedicated to preventing the weeds return so we don’t “have” to treat year after year. At times, however, ongoing treatment may be necessary.

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Liming and Fertilization

To keep your pond in the best shape it can will take liming and fertilization. To maintain the alkalinity and pH levels where they are suppose to be to make sure the fish stay healthy and the food chain can thrive, liming is essential. If your pond has a low alkalinity it is easier for your ponds pH level to be off throughout the day. If that happens, the fish that live in the pond will have a hard time thriving. Ponds with alkalinity below 20 parts per million typically do not respond to fertilization, which in turn severely limits the food chain of the pond and therefore the pond’s overall carrying capacity.

To keep a maintenance schedule for fertilization is important. If you want to be successful at the management of Kentucky fish ponds in the south, monthly fertilization is important. Fertilization is simply feeding the phytoplankton, the microscopic plants found in any pond, so that they greatly increase, creating what is known as a plankton bloom. This bloom provides two major benefits: it prevents sunlight from reaching the pond bottom, thereby short-circuiting the photosynthesis of most aquatic vegetation which begins its life on the bottom; and it turbo-charges the food chain, allowing the pond to support two to four times more fish than it could unfertilized. Ponds in the South should be on a schedule for fertilization twice a month that starts in the early spring. Depending on the weather, February or March is the best place to start. Once the weather start heating up it is only necessary to fertilize once a month through September. Trophy Ponds offers fertilization services on a monthly schedule as a service for ponds and lakes in middle Tennessee, northern Alabama, and southwestern Kentucky.

Kentucky Pond Design, Construction & Repair

If you are on the lookout to start the pond of your dreams or you have a current pond and you want to revamp it, here at Trophy Pond we are willing to tackle the job and get it done right the first time. When it comes to the building and maintaining of your pond making sure you choose the right builder is one the most important decisions to make. You want to make sure you find someone who is experienced and fully understands ponds. If you choose the wrong company it could potentially cost you thousands of dollars and months of unwanted heartache.
We get calls every year from landowners who just spent thousands to have a pond built, only to have it leak. Just because an excavator has run a dozer before does not mean he understands ponds, or what it takes to properly construct one so it holds water. Don’t scrimp now just to be disappointed months down the road – do it right the first time with Trophy Pond!

Pond Consulting & Kentucky Real Estate Services

Detailed Analysis

Here at Trophy Pond, a Kentucky lake and pond management and fish stocking company, we take pride in making sure we pay attention to every detail. We make sure we listen to the owner’s goals. We strive to make every pond owner happy. Our goal is to get the job done right the first time. This will save you from many costly repairs in the long run.
We analyze every facet of your pond, from alkalinity to water clarity, from fish population dynamics to angling frequency and harvest load, from genetics to food chain to pond size and topography, to come up with a plan that’s completely customized to your specific pond and your specific goals.

Full Lake Audits

Every pond we work on will receive a full lake audit. It will consist of a comprehensive fish population analysis. Those are completed by an electrofishing survey. We will also do an on-site water quality test (oxygen levels, alkalinity, pH), clarity/plankton assessment, fish habitat evaluation, dam inspection, and identification of any weeds present. When all the testing is done we will collect all the data and complete a customized, one-of-a-kind management plan that is designed solely for your pond goals.

On-Site Surveys

If you are interested in building your own lake on your property, an on-site survey needs to be done first. The survey consists of seeking solutions for aquatic vegetation, or assessing the viability of a property before or after purchasing. Once the survey is done, we’ll give you a management plan that includes lake design/renovation considerations tailored to your specific goals for the lake while at the same time factoring in the strengths and limitations of the property.

Guided Fishing for Trophy Bluegill

If you are looking to catch a trophy bluegill that are 26 ounces or better, we have just the place for you. We are the only guide service in the country that started for the sole purpose of putting anglers on once-in-a-lifetime, trophy bluegill. There are thousands of guides across the country who specialize in trophy largemouth, but if you want to catch an eleven-inch bluegill, there aren’t many places you can go and know that the odds are in your favor to do so in a day of fishing.

Trophy Bluegill - Kentucky Bluegill Pond Stocking Bluegill Guided Tours Kentucky Coppernose Bluegill - Trophy Pond

We provide the boat and all the tackle, and can help you find a local hotel – there are several within five miles of most of the ponds. Your party will have the ponds all to yourself, just us and lots of big fish. If you book your trip at least a month in advance, we can have a Custom Rod waiting for you to fish with when you get here.

Private Pond Fishing Products

We sell Keaton Aerators, Sweeney & Texas Hunter Directional Fish Feeders, PK Floating Fish Feeders, Cutrine, Clipper & Sonar Genesis Algaecides & Herbicides, Keaton Beneficial Microbes, and our very own, hand-built, Custom Fishing Rods.

About Trophy Pond

Trophy Pond Management has been improving ponds since 1987. Whether you’re wanting to grow bigger fish in a private pond, control the weeds in a community lake, or contract a sizable aquatic renovation for a government contract, we have the equipment, experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time. Other pond companies are content to utilize the same methods year after year, often with mediocre results; but here at Trophy Pond we are constantly innovating new strategies for growing bigger fish, better controlling aquatic vegetation, and in general making your pond the dream escape you have always wanted it to be. We believe in building our business one satisfied customer at a time. Give us a call today and let us show you the Trophy Pond difference!

About Our Owner

walt_foreman_30Walt Foreman has been managing ponds since his junior year of college in 1987. In the past sixteen months he has worked on ponds in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Mississippi. He has grown bluegill to two pounds and largemouth to eleven-and-a-half pounds in his home state of Tennessee, and is looking forward to growing even bigger fish in the ponds and lakes of his new clients in warmer states with their longer growing seasons. When he’s not out on a pond somewhere, he’s probably either at church, or asleep dreaming of some new way to grow bigger fish.

A Note From Walt

I will never hesitate to admit I’m a competitive person; I approach everything I do with this mindset; I haven’t acquired a new hobby in the last thirty years because anything I do, I want to be the best, and there’s only so much time in the day. So I’ll freely admit that if I see an area that some of my competitors are failing in when it comes to service to the Kentucky pond owner, I will point out that failing. That said, you’ll never find a reference from me to any specific company or individual by name in such a context; if it’s just a matter of me trying to tell you I can do a better job with your pond than pond company B or pond company C, I’ll make my case and leave you, the pond owner, to make your own decision.

However, there are times when an individual in any line of work is simply dishonest to the point of being harmful to the public, and at that point it’s the duty of every responsible individual in that line of work to make his customers aware of the crook so that they don’t become his next victim.

I will readily admit I have a secondary motive for this post – I won’t call it ulterior because I’m announcing it clearly. If you’re a Kentucky Pond owner, I want your business; I want to show you how good your pond can really be. But even if you never hire me, if this post saves you from having hundreds or thousands of dollars stolen from you by this man, the time it took me to type it is not wasted.

There’s a company near Bowling Green that has worked on a lot of ponds in Kentucky and Tennessee, and has recently begun keeping deposits from pond owners without ever delivering the fish or the work. The company has three unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau, and a rating of “F” from said bureau; one of the complaints states that the owner of the company took a deposit of $7,000 for the construction of a pond and never did any work, and another complaint states that the owner of the company took $20,000 for pond construction and never did any work.

Before you hire someone to work on your pond, do yourself a favor and look them up on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Trophy Pond has a rating of “A” from the Better Business Bureau despite the fact we do not have a subscription to said bureau; we have never had one complaint from that or any consumer agency, and we plan to keep it that way.

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