Hand-painted bluegill growth rates

Feb 8, 2016

Okay…So we haven’t done a precise study, and this is based purely on observation.  But observation, after all, is part of science.  And the science so far on these very special fish is looking pretty astounding. When we first decided to raise hand-painted bluegill, all that we could find on their growth rate was a Read more…

The Truth about Coppernose Bluegill in Tennessee Ponds

Jun 29, 2015

A couple months ago a man from west Tennessee contacted us about the possibility of stocking his new three-acre pond.  In the course of our conversation, he asked for references from pond owners we have done work for, which we gladly provided.  A couple days later one of those references happened to call us to Read more…

Keep Cover out of Your Trophy Bluegill Pond

Feb 28, 2015

It’s widely known that adding cover, whether it be natural in the form of cedar trees (our favorite) or chunk rock, or man-made such as PVC or rubber “trees,” can improve a pond being managed for trophy bass.  The cover affords protection for forage species such as bluegill and shiners, and lessens the likelihood that Read more…

What to Look for When Stocking a Pond Part II

Feb 21, 2015

Stocking a pond can be done hastily and without much thought, or it can be done meticulously with a good deal of forethought and planning.  Just like anything else, the more thought you put into it, the better results you generally can expect to get.  Today I’m going to let you in on a couple Read more…

What to Look for When Choosing a Company to Stock Your Pond

Feb 16, 2015

It only takes a few minutes to stock a pond, but that few minutes will have a lasting impact on the quality of fishing in the pond for years to come – for good, or bad.  So how do you make the right choice of all those companies trying to sell you fish?  Fish are Read more…

How to Ruin a Trophy Bluegill Pond

May 28, 2013

So I have been debating for months now on whether to make this post; and then just today I saw a tilapia dealer making simply false (and harmful) claims on another website. This person claims that tilapia are the “magic bullet” of pond management in Tennessee; he claims, among other things, that they take no Read more…

Create Your Own Honeyhole: Working with Other People’s Ponds

Create Your Own Honeyhole: Working with Other People’s Ponds

Aug 10, 2012

Tired of fighting hundreds of other anglers at public waters for a few scrawny runt fish? Can’t remember the last time you caught a master-angler caliber fish? Still searching for your first seven-pound largemouth, or maybe your first ten-inch bluegill? I’ll tell you a little secret – you don’t have to be at the mercy Read more…

Getting Serious About Monster Bluegill in Your Pond

Aug 4, 2012

  “They’re a great kids’ fish.” “They’re easy to catch.” “They’re a good management option for a pond too small to manage for trophy bass.” If you’re a serious bluegill angler, chances are you’ve heard someone denigrate your favorite fish. Chances are also good that you’ve come across conflicting advice on how to grow those Read more…

About the Guide

Aug 1, 2012

Trophy Pond Management Introduction I have a Tennessee pond management business out of Columbia, Tennessee. I do everything from electrofishing to fish stocking, from aquatic vegetation control to yearly lake management plans, from sales of fish feeders and aeration systems to monthly and bi-monthly refillings and maintenance of automatic feeders. About Our Fishing Guide: Walt Read more…