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Create Your Own Honeyhole: Working with Other People’s Ponds

Create Your Own Honeyhole: Working with Other People’s Ponds

Aug 10, 2012

Tired of fighting hundreds of other anglers at public waters for a few scrawny runt fish? Can’t remember the last time you caught a master-angler caliber fish? Still searching for your first seven-pound largemouth, or maybe your first ten-inch bluegill? I’ll tell you a little secret – you don’t have to be at the mercy Read more…

Getting Serious About Monster Bluegill in Your Pond

Aug 4, 2012

  “They’re a great kids’ fish.” “They’re easy to catch.” “They’re a good management option for a pond too small to manage for trophy bass.” If you’re a serious bluegill angler, chances are you’ve heard someone denigrate your favorite fish. Chances are also good that you’ve come across conflicting advice on how to grow those Read more…

About the Guide

Aug 1, 2012

Trophy Pond Management Introduction I have a Tennessee pond management business out of Columbia, Tennessee. I do everything from electrofishing to fish stocking, from aquatic vegetation control to yearly lake management plans, from sales of fish feeders and aeration systems to monthly and bi-monthly refillings and maintenance of automatic feeders. About Our Fishing Guide: Walt Read more…