Black Crappie

Black crappie (Pomoxis nigromaculatus) are a popular sportfish among anglers. They can be stocked in ponds under very specific conditions, but are not recommended for bass-bluegill ponds due to their tendency to overpopulate. They spawn in early spring when the water temperature reaches 62 degrees, which allows the resultant young-of-year to reach a size at which they are too big for young-of year bass, which hatch later, to eat.

Within two or three years of stocking they can reach a density at which they severely compete with bass for food, limiting or stopping altogether the growth of both species. However, there are new methods that have been developed in recent years for managing ponds solely for large crappie, and the early results indicate that success can be had with careful, precise management. Bluegill are not stocked in these ponds, and predators are stocked in much higher numbers than normal. If the idea of a trophy crappie pond whets your fishing appetite, give us a call and let us custom-design a plan for your pond!