About the Guide

Trophy Pond Management Introduction

I have a Tennessee pond management business out of Columbia, Tennessee. I do everything from electrofishing to fish stocking, from aquatic vegetation control to yearly lake management plans, from sales of fish feeders and aeration systems to monthly and bi-monthly refillings and maintenance of automatic feeders.

About Our Fishing Guide: Walt Foreman

I’ve been an avid angler since before I can remember – when I was fourteen I subscribed to six different fishing magazines, and when I was sixteen I began making my own custom fishing rods. I began managing ponds my junior year of college, worked with several around my hometown for ten years, then took a forced hiatus for ten years while living in Los Angeles (unfortunately there is┬ánot an abundance of ponds in the desert). I started back managing ponds in 2009. Among the ponds and lakes I manage across middle Tennessee, there are several that are managed for trophy bluegill, and I’ll be using this blog to post photos of some of the fish caught out of those ponds as well as to post articles I have written and will be writing on bluegill and pond management.

Guided Fishing Tour Info

I offer guided trips on several ponds in middle Tennessee. My rates are $300 per day for one or two anglers and $500 per day for three to five anglers.