A Good Day for Giant Bluegill


We have a guide service for trophy bluegill. I took two guys from Indiana out today on a pond managed by Trophy Pond in pursuit of some hawg ‘gills. One of the guys mentioned that his biggest bluegill ever was a one-pounder that he had caught some thirty-odd years ago when he was a kid; I told him he would likely beat that mark within the first fifteen minutes of fishing. It might have taken twenty minutes, but we blew past the one-pound mark and then some: they caught roughly fifty bluegill in eight hours of fishing, and six of them were over eleven inches in length. My high-dollar water-resistant bench scale crapped out early on after a minor boat spill involving a large flopping bluegill, so we didn’t get any official weights, but we had seven bluegill that I estimated to be between twenty and twenty-four ounces, one that likely would’ve gone twenty-eight ounces, and one that measured 11.5” that I feel very confident in saying would have weighed two pounds. Here are some photos: