What You Need to Know About Trout Fishing in Georgia

Are you interested in what Georgia has to offer when it comes to Trout fishing? Georgia is a landmine for trout fishing, here’s a few things to keep in mind when you plan your next trip. And if you’re looking to fish for Trout in your our backyard, we’ve got Georgia Pond Management covered. We’re one of the best around.

The Toccoa River

There are thousands of different breeds of trout to be had in the Toccoa River between the months of March and July every year. Some of the most popular creeks to find them in are Coopers Creek and Rock Creek. These places are easily accessible by the public and Trout here usually goes really fast. After the trout shows up in the creek it’s first come first serve so get there as fast as your legs can carry you.

The Trout Streams of Northern Georgia

In Northern Georgia, in the Southern parts of the Appalachian Mountains, there’s thousands of miles of streams that have been designated by the DNR as Trout streams. If you want a nice and relaxing day of fishing, without a lot of prep work, this is the place to go. Normally most of these streams are only open during Trout season but there are many that are open year around. No matter which type of Trout fishing you are planning on doing, you’re never too far from the perfect spot! And if you’re looking to catch Wild Trout (a goal for most Trout fisherman), catching the prized fish could mean taking a hike up through the woods to find the perfect part of the creek to catch that one fish you have been waiting for. Usually the lower parts of the streams are where the Trout are mostly stocked, but sometimes it’s the experience to get to the perfect spot makes catching that one wild fish worth it.

The Chattahoochee River

There is a part of the Chattahoochee River that has the best of both worlds. It is easy access so you don’t have to climb the mountains to find it. There is Wild Brown Trout already thriving there but thousands of Rainbow Trout get released every year.

Rock Creek

There are plenty of stocked streams in Georgia and a few streams with wild fish as well. Most of the Wild Trout streams are well into the mountains, but there is one that is readily accessible, and it may surprise you.

Rock Creek is a nice, family place to go and fish. It is home to one of the largest population of Trout in the state. Feeding of Rock Creek is, Little Rock Creek, which is the perfect place to look for Wild Trout and to catch and release. The creek is just a few miles off Highway 60 in Fannin County. This is the perfect place to take anyone who is wanting to learn how to fish. It is regularly stocked all season so the stream is always full of fish.

There is always an abundance of fish to catch in Georgia. No lulls here. Thanks to the natural production, and the Pond Stockers of Georgia, you can always enjoy a good stock of fish while taking in Georgia’s beautiful scenery.