Tiger Muskellunge

Tiger muskellunge (Esox masquinongy x Esox lucius) are a cross between pure-strain muskellunge and northern pike. They are sterile and cannot reproduce. They are an apex predator and quickly grow to sizes at which they not only can effectively prey on gizzard shad larger than all but the largest largemouth can eat, but also largemouth bigger than all but the biggest bass will eat. They will thin the numbers of small bass at the same time they’re thinning the gizzard shad in a lake. Muskie do a better job of controlling small bass numbers than all but the most dedicated anglers; in a large lake of ten acres or more, they better control bass overpopulation than angling ever could. Various state game and fish agencies have successfully stocked muskie for the control of gizzard shad, and in every study we have seen, the average largemouth size in the lake improved, often by several inches. We have had dramatic success in improving the average size of largemouth in ponds and lakes by stocking tiger muskie. If you’re tired of mediocre results from the same old tired methods, let us put some teeth into your management plan!