Tennessee Lake Management: More Big Bluegill

So the owner of the 1.1-acre pond that since May of this year has coughed up a 2 lb. 1 oz. and a 2 lb. 2 oz. bluegill, along with a 12” coppernose that was not weighed, told me yesterday that he fished for about thirty minutes on Thursday. He was fishing for bass, with a Hula Popper, a large topwater lure if you’ve never seen one. He said he didn’t catch any bass, but he did catch two bluegill that he estimated at 1.5 lbs. each.

That’s five bluegill over a pound-and-a-half caught from that pond since May of this year. Since March of this year, nineteen bluegill over 24 ounces have been caught from ponds we manage, and another one just under 1-3/4 pounds was seined by us a week ago. Those nineteen came from four ponds, three of which are 1.1-acre or less.