Tennessee Lake and Tennessee Pond Management: Beware Deceptive Advertising

Suppose you had been diagnosed with a rare heart condition, and your continued health, and even whether or not you lived or died, depended on how well that condition was addressed. Suppose also that within an hour’s drive from you there was a very large hospital, nationally known, with an entire department of cardiologists, although none of them had more than two years of experience with patients of your age; none of those doctors had any experience with your specific condition. There happened to also be another cardiologist in that same town, but he worked at a much smaller, less known hospital, and he was only one of two cardiologists at that hospital. But this second doctor was a world-renowned expert on the condition you have, and he had worked on dozens of patients over a thirty-year span with said condition, and had an unmatched record of success with said patients.

Would you choose the larger hospital just because they had a nicer building and more doctors?

We’re not the largest lake and pond management company in Tennessee at this moment; we hope to be so someday, with God’s help. However, we do have, by far, more experience with Tennessee lakes and ponds than any other company working in this state, and we have a drastically higher success rate, both with failing lakes and ponds and with new ones, than our competitors do. One of our competitors has only been working in this state for two years – but to read their website you would think there’s no difference between fish in the state they came from and this one because they present themselves as though they’re experts in this market. The one biologist they have covering this state…has been here a year. All of his experience is in other climates. Another competitor of ours has no qualms about stocking northern subspecies that they raise two states north of here into Tennessee ponds, even though companies that have been working here for decades rather than a few years know that those subspecies will top out about half as big as Florida subspecies will in Tennessee lakes and ponds.

Beware large companies that are all flash and no substance. Choose the biologist for your lake or pond as carefully as you would a doctor, and you’ll be rewarded with fishing better than you ever thought possible.