Detailed Analysis

At Trophy Pond Management and Consulting, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. Listening closely to the pond owner’s stated goals for the pond can mean the difference between a happy pond owner, and expensive corrective action three or four years down the road. We help you get it right the first time, so that you can enjoy your pond rather than lose sleep wondering why that pond manager from that big management company managed your pond for his goals rather than yours. We analyze every facet of your pond, from pond water testing for alkalinity to water clarity, from fish population dynamics to angling frequency and harvest load, from genetics to food chain to pond size and topography, to come up with a plan that’s completely customized to your specific pond and your specific goals.

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Full Lake Audits

A Full Lake Audit consists of a comprehensive fish population analysis either by electrofishing survey. We will also perform on-site pond water testing (oxygen levels, alkalinity, pH), clarity/plankton assessment, fish habitat evaluation, dam inspection, and identification of any weeds present. We then compile all of the collected data into a written report and customized, one-of-a-kind management plan geared solely to your unique goals for your pond.

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On-Site Surveys

An On-Site Survey is for property owners planning a new lake in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, or Mississippi, and who are seeking solutions for aquatic vegetation, or assessing the viability of a property before or after purchasing. We’ll give you a management plan that includes lake design/renovation considerations tailored to your specific goals for the lake while at the same time factoring in the strengths and limitations of the property.

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Custom Management Plans

Interested in a custom management plan, or scheduling an on-site survey?  Call or email us today to get started!

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