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Keeton WSR Waste and Sludge Reducer

Keeton WSR Waste and Sludge Reducer

Waste & Sludge Reducer™ (WSR™) was developed to target the build-up of organic material and bottom sludge in ponds and lakes. As this material accumulates, it forms a layer on the bottom that, when left unchecked, will contribute to the degradation of the water body. WSR rapidly consumes this layer, which helps improve the water quality. WSR is also very effective at eliminating offensive odors, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and organics.


  • Reduce Bottom Sludge
  • Reduce Odors
  • Reduce Suspended Solids
  • Reduce Organic Waste
  • Easy Application
  • Made in the USA

Easy Application

Our beneficial microbes are available in two sizes, 10 and 25 pound buckets. Inside the buckets, the microbes are conveniently packaged in 1/2 pound, water-soluble bags, which makes their application very easy. An initial application rate of 3-6 pounds of beneficial microbes per surface acre is common for most water bodies. This must be followed up every other week  with a maintenance application of 1-2 pounds per surface acre to maintain optimum conditions.

Initial Dosage : 6 lbs. per surface acre of water.

Maintenance Dosage : 2 to 3 lbs. per surface acre every two weeks until water clarity is achieved.

Waste and Sludge Reducer™ – WSR™, can be used in singly or in combination with Aqua-Tron using standard dosage rates.