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Keeton Quietline KR-1DP-B

Keeton Quietline KR-1DP-B


Keeton Industries line of electrically powered pond aeration systems are the premier brand in the subsurface aeration market. For the last four decades, they have strived to provide their customers with the best quality and value. Like the name suggests, their Quiet Line™ aeration systems are by far the quietest systems you can find anywhere.

For Ponds up to 1 Acre

  • 1 Compressor
  • 1 Duraplate Diffuser
  • 100’ Tubing

The KR Series

The KR series of pond aeration systems, our most popular, are ideally suited for small ponds and lakes up to 5 surface
acres in size. The KR series can operate up to four Duraplate™ diffusers. Alpine™ self weighted tubing is included with the B models.

The Cabinet

  • Attractive, 100% Recycled Plastic Cabinet
  • 18”W x 16”L x 21” T
  • 4-valve Adjustable Aluminum Manifold
  • 135cfm Cooling Blower
  • Programmable Digital Timer
  • Sound Reduction Package
  • 1” ASTM Certified Acoustical Foam
  • 8’ Grounded Plug

Single Compressor

  • 1/2 HP Rocking Piston
  • 5.3 CFM Air Flow
  • 50psi Max Pressure
  • 115V – 5.4A Max, 2.6A Average
  • 230V – 2.9A Max, 1.4A Average
  • Intake Filter
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure Relief Valve

Duraplate Diffusers

  • Self-Cleaning
  • Non-Clogging
  • Self-Weighted
  • Fishhook Resistant
  • High Oxygen Transfer

Alpine Tubing

  • Self-Weighted
  • 1/2” I.D. with 1/4” Sidewall
  • Fishhook Resistant
  • Will Not Kink or Break