Custom Rods

Custom Rods

I build truly custom rods, one at a time, tailored precisely to your needs and preferences. I want each rod I build to be a work of art, a rod that will make each time you’re on the water something special. I’m not trying to compete with builders who churn out glorified factory rods with a signature on them and sell them at less than what any premium factory rod costs; to me, and most good builders, those aren’t custom rods.

A custom rod is one that was designed *just for you, *with your unique preferences, and your input in the design process. It’s a superior fishing instrument that can’t be duplicated on the assembly line. It’s built by one person from start to finish, over many hours’ time, and the price will reflect that.

Live Bait Rods:

Nightcrawler Secrets was a revolutionary fishing system invented in the ’60’s by Bill Binkelman, the founder of the original Fishing Facts magazine; this method revolved around the presentation of super-healthy nightcrawlers on light line (four-pound-test) and a very small aberdeen hook, often with no weight whatsoever. Key to the presentation was a limber rod that would cast a weightless, lightly-hooked’crawler a good distance; these rods were made on fiberglass fly rod blanks. These rods eliminate the problem of throwing the bait off the hook that factory rods have due to their fast actions, and will cast a near-weightless bait further than a stiff rod.

I built my first one when I was in high school, and have been experimenting with and refining this particular build ever since. I know what works and what doesn’t, and can make you a Nightcrawler Secrets rod that will open up a whole new world of fishing for you.

Bluegill and Super-UL rods:

These are my specialty. Whether you’re a live-bait fisherman who fishes from the bank and needs longer casts to reach the fish, or a kayak angler who needs a rod delicate enough to effectively cast 1/64-oz. and even lighter jigs, I make rods that will transform your fishing forever. These rods have no counterpart in the factory rod world – they simply aren’t made by any manufacturer. The first time you fish with one of these will be the last time you ever look at a factory rod.

box elder burl and birch bark

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