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Keeton Aqua-Tron® Pond and Lake Clarifier

Keeton Aqua-Tron® Pond and Lake Clarifier

Aqua-Tron® has been developed to provide you with clean, clear, beautiful water. The build up of excess nutrients causes pond and lake Eutrophicaton, which is very unsightly. Aqua-Tron is composed of unique classes of beneficial microbes known to rapidly metabolize excess nutrients, pulling them from the water column, returning the water to a naturally healthy and visually pleasing state.


  • Improve Water Quality
  • Reduce Excess Nutrients
  • Create a Balanced Ecosystem
  • Clear Ponds and Lakes “Nature’s Way”
  • Easy Application
  • Made in the USA

Easy Application

Our beneficial microbes are available in two sizes, 10 and 25 pound buckets. Inside the buckets, the microbes are conveniently packaged in 1/2 pound, water-soluble bags, which makes their application very easy. An initial application rate of 3-6 pounds of beneficial microbes per surface acre is common for most water bodies. This must be followed up every other week with a maintenance application of 1-2 pounds per surface acre to maintain optimum conditions.

Initial Dosage : 6 lbs. per surface acre of water.

Maintenance Dosage : 2 to 3 lbs. per surface acre every two weeks until water clarity is achieved.

Aqua-Tron can be used singly or in combination with WSR using standard dosage rates