Tennessee Lake Management and Tennessee Pond Management: No photo, but…

There’s a 1.1-acre pond in middle Tennessee that we have managed since June 2014; I made a post about this pond back in May, because a 33-ounce coppernose bluegill was caught and released in it by one of my guide clients.  Then five days later, I caught and released a 12-inch coppernose bluegill that went unweighed due to scale malfunction.

So I saw the owner of that pond today, and asked him if he had fished any lately.  He then proceeded to tell me about a bluegill his grandson had caught the day before – they didn’t get a picture, as they had just gone up to the pond for a few minutes to kill time…

The bluegill weighed two pounds, two ounces.  The owner said it was “black,” which means it was almost certainly a male; the 2 lb. 1 oz. fish that my guide client caught back in May was a female, as was the 12-inch fish I caught five days later.  So that’s two bluegill over two pounds and a third that measured 12″, from the same one-acre pond in the span of four months.

And that pond will continue to improve – there are things we haven’t done yet but which are on the schedule, which will further boost the growth of the bluegill in the pond.

Any other lake and pond management company that tells you they can match us in growing trophy bluegill is, quite simply, not telling you the truth.