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If you own a private pond or lake in Georgia, you have the ideal climate to grow some truly outsized trophies in your pond with Trophy Pond’s fish stocking service.  The world-record largemouth bass, that most hallowed of all freshwater fishing records, was caught from Georgia waters; the state-record bluegill weighed three pounds five ounces.  We have only been working in the Peach State for a few years, and we’re already making a big impact with our pond stocking in Georgia.  A 22-acre lake in northern Georgia that we began helping with in November 2016 produced a thirteen-pound largemouth bass in 2018; a little one-acre pond near Ringgold that we stocked as a new pond in May 2016 produced a twenty-four-ounce hand-painted bluegill in June of this year.

Genetics are king when it comes to the ultimate size attained by the fish in your pond.  We have worked on unmanaged ponds with overcrowded bluegill populations, and the bluegill still averaged close to nine inches long because they were pure Florida coppernose; we have worked on ponds where the largemouth bass were intentionally crowded to grow big bluegill, but because the bass had Florida genetics, they still grew to ten pounds.  Genetics trumps everything.  Here’s an oversimplification that will nonetheless help you understand the significance of genetics: an undernourished Great Dane will still tower over a well-fed Dachsund.  Northern largemouth will generally top out around six or seven pounds, even in a Georgia pond with ample forage; pure Florida largemouth can easily grow to twelve pounds in that same pond under the same conditions.


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As part of our farm pond management services, we give you the best options to buy fish to stock your pond. We raise two varieties of bluegill that are native to Florida: pure coppernose bluegill from brood stock we caught ourselves from the St. Johns River in central Florida and Lake Jackson in the Florida panhandle, and pure hand-painted bluegill from brood stock we caught ourselves from the Apalachicola River.  Both of these subspecies will significantly outgrow northern bluegill in Georgia ponds.  We also raise pure Florida largemouth.  Because our bluegill and our largemouth are raised in the climate of middle Tennessee, they will have superior cold tolerance to fish raised in Alabama or Mississippi or Georgia, so those years that Georgia gets harsh winters will not faze our fish.  As part of our farm pond fish stocking, we selectively breed our fish for the fastest-growing individuals, so you can be assured that the fish we stock for you will provide you with superior performance.

But it takes more than just genetics to grow truly trophy-sized fish.  That 22-acre lake we alluded to above?  The first fish we ever stocked in it were forty muskie in November 2016.

Our chief biologist Walt Foreman has been managing private ponds and lakes since 1987, which allows us to avoid mistakes that less-experienced companies routinely make, mistakes that will stunt the potential of your pond or lake.  If you want the very best Georgia pond or lake that you can possibly have, you owe it to yourself to call Trophy Pond, the real pond water management experts, today.  You’ll be very, very glad you did.


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