First Guide Trip for 2022

Our trophy bluegill guide service is a small part of our business.  There are fewer diehard bluegill anglers than there are bass aficionados, and fewer still that will pay good money, often on top of travelling a few or many hours, for that chance to catch a two-pounder.  Most of our time is spent electrofishing, fish stocking, liming, installing aerators and feeders, etc.  But nothing is as much fun for us as guiding folks to put them on their bluegill of a lifetime.

Back in April we guided a father and son from Michigan.  Neither had ever caught a one-pound bluegill prior to fishing with us; needless to say, they eclipsed their personal best in the first ten minutes, and it was all fun from there:

They even caught some big bass – there was another one this size, and two larger ones that broke their lines:

The biggest bluegill weighed 29 ounces:

What a great couple of guys!  I really was honored to guide you and hope to see you again soon!