3 Fishing Lakes in Georgia (and What They Can Offer You)

If you’ve been fishing in Georgia for any length of time, you know the abundant fishing opportunities the state provides. But you could still be looking for the hidden small fishing lake GEM to stumble across. We’re not saying we have it here, and you may be able to create your own Managed Pond in Georgia and grow your own fishing trophies, but here are a couple of smaller fishing lakes to get you started with.

Blalock Reservoir Fishing Lake

Located in Clayton County is a quaint, 260 acre lake. The main fish it houses are, bass, bream, channel catfish and crappie. It does have a daily fee or you can get a season pass. Don’t worry about having to make it there in the summer, this lake is open all year around. They do allow boats as long as they are less than 16 feet. This is the perfect spot for any boater!

The Rocky Mountain Recreation and Public Fishing

Located in Floyd County, GA and offering 2 lakes at the park. One lake is 357 acres and the other one is 202 acres. The lakes are home to many fish but the main ones are, bass, bream, channel catfish, crappie, and hybrid striped bass. The lake isn’t only for fishing, they have a camp ground and scenic overlooks to the lake. The perfect weekend getaway for any outdoorsman.

Seed Fishing Lake

Located in Northeast Georgia in Rabun County, Seed Lake is a decent size lake at about 240 acres. There’s an abundance of small yellow perch that are ready to be caught, but don’t be surprised if you catch some largemouth bass, bluegill or redbreast sunfish. Don’t miss out on this lightly fished lake!

Fishing in Northern Georgia doesn’t have to be at the same spot. There are hundreds of decent size lakes all around the state. Why not take a chance to get that prized trophy bass that you’ve always sought out for?