Monthly Archives: August 2021

Multiple 2-pounders in One Day

On August 7, we had the pleasure of guiding four bluegill nuts from Kentucky.  They caught several bluegill that weighed 24 ounces, including this northern male: We had scale malfunctions at different junctures (two different scales no less!), so not all of the big ‘uns got weighed – this one likely pushed two pounds: The Read more…

Guide Party from Michigan

On July 17 and 19th, we guided two bluegillers from Michigan. All they did on the 17th was catch two 24-ounce bluegill, one a northern female and one a 12″ coppernose female: Then on the 19th, they caught a 27-ounce hand-painted bluegill from a different pond:

F1s: Beware Armchair Quarterbacks and Dishonest Hatcheries

There’s a website online that presents itself as an authority on pond management. Most of the moderators have never worked on any pond other than the one in their backyard, i.e. are hobbyists, but they don’t mention this. The owner is a pond management professional but rarely posts. One of their moderators recently discounted a Read more…