Monthly Archives: December 2019

Mystery Solved, Or: Three in Five Months

Up until a few days ago, whenever a new customer asked me which got bigger, coppernose or hand-painted bluegill, I would give them a complicated answer. We’re going to do a study at some point, I would say (we’re hoping to get this done within the next year) and will have hard data; as of Read more…

Fish Pricing for Pond Stocking

There are many purchases for which it simply makes sense to let cost be the deciding factor. Most folks, for example, when exiting the interstate to fuel up their vehicles, will stop at the gas station that has the cheapest fuel, all other things being equal, because they know that generally there won’t be a Read more…

Big Hand-Painted Bluegill

We seined one of our production ponds today to fill a large order going to northern Kentucky.  The hatchery record for hand-paints as of yesterday was 1.8 lbs.; this guy weighed 1.9 lbs.: