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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Tennessee Lake Management and Tennessee Pond Management: Crappie in Ponds

Crappie are a favorite sportfish in the U.S., and many pond owners want to stock them in their ponds. However, crappie tend not to do well in smaller impoundments, which is why most states including Tennessee recommend not stocking them. While there has been research in the last two decades geared toward finding a workable Read more…

Tennessee Lake Management and Tennessee Pond Management: the Truth about Coppernose Bluegill, part 2

We have made posts previously about the widespread misinformation that’s out there about the viability of coppernose bluegill for Tennessee ponds.¬† Some online sources advise pond owners that coppernose won’t live in ponds north of I-40; one fish farm in the state tells all of its customers¬†that coppernose won’t survive our winters, anywhere in the Read more…