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Tennessee Lake Management and Tennessee Pond Management: Aquatic Plants: the Engine for Your Pond’s Natural Food Web

When I was a teenager, Kentucky Lake was not known nationally as a premier bass fishing location. But a few years later, low water levels from drought conditions resulted in clearer water which in turn led to greatly increased levels of aquatic vegetation – the new plant growth, in turn, resulted in a boom in Read more…

Tennessee Lake and Tennessee Pond Management: grass shrimp

Freshwater grass shrimp are like caviar to bluegill.  If you’re trying to grow monster bluegill in your pond, and you haven’t stocked grass shrimp, you’re missing the boat. There are two freshwater species found in North America, Palaemonetes paludosus and Palaemonetes kadiakensis; kadiakensis is the species you want to stock in your pond if you Read more…

Tennessee Lake and Pond Management: A couple decent coppernose bluegill

We moved sixteen coppernose a couple weeks ago from a half-acre pond on a property that is now for sale, to a one-acre pond on another property.  There were a couple that were only in the one-pound range; the rest would have averaged 1.75-2 lbs. each.  A couple may have gone over two pounds: