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Want to Grow Monster Bluegill in Kentucky? Stock Hand-Painteds!

There is a wide range of opinions in the fish world about how far north coppernose bluegill will thrive. A well-respected hatchery in the Deep South claims to have stocked them successfully as far north as Michigan; conversely, one of our competitors here in Tennessee has been making the dubious claim to pond owners that Read more…

Repairing Tennessee Lakes and Ponds: Beware the Polymers

Spending a small fortune to build a pond is a stressful process. Unfortunately, the stress level is often magnified when the pond begins to fill, and the landowner waits weeks and then months for the water to flow into the spillway…Only to realize in the end that his new pond has a leak. Most leaks Read more…

Don’t Pay This Kentucky Pond Company a Deposit

I will never hesitate to admit I’m a competitive person; I approach everything I do with this mindset; I haven’t acquired a new hobby in the last thirty years because anything I do, I want to be the best, and there’s only so much time in the day. So I’ll freely admit that if I Read more…

Another hand-painted bluegill video

So this one was taken December 26: