Tennessee Lake Management and Tennessee Pond Management: the Coming Revolution

Jan 8, 2018

Why do we manage Tennessee ponds and lakes? Because there are very few things on this earth we get more enjoyment from than giving landowners their dream fishing escapes. It never gets old seeing people experience fishing of a caliber they never thought possible, on their own water. Part of the reason I post to Read more…

Tennessee Pond Management: Thoughts on Qualifications, Part II

Jan 8, 2018

A while back I made a post about qualifications. The impetus for that post was the fact that from time to time, I had lost out on this or that new account because I didn’t have a degree in the field in which I work. Most pond and lake owners seem to care more about Read more…

Tennessee Lake and Pond Management: How Important is Experience?

Jan 7, 2018

We have been managing private ponds and lakes in Tennessee since 1987. We’re not the biggest company that works on private waters in this state, at least not at the moment; but we are by far the most experienced. If you’ve ever wondered whether experience really matters that much in pond and lake management, here Read more…

Tennessee Lake and Pond Management: the Importance of Details

Jan 7, 2018

We have stressed in past blog posts the importance of details when it comes to lake and pond management. One would think that common sense would tell one that details are important no matter what field one is talking about, whether it be fisheries science or rocket science, landscaping or construction of a skyscraper; but, Read more…

Tennessee Pond Management: Grass Carp – the Rest of the Story

Dec 18, 2017

Suppose I told you there was a fish that would dramatically simplify management of your pond; it would be a one-time stocking, with a fraction of the cost, for a typical-sized pond, of the other species you’re planning on stocking, and you wouldn’t need to stock this fish again for several years. The only catch? Read more…

Think All Lake Management Companies Are Alike?

Jun 17, 2017

Maybe you own a pond, or just built one, and you’re wondering whether it makes any difference whether you buy your fish from a fish truck, or get them from a company that actually offers management guidance and a full array of services; perhaps you’re wondering if there’s really all that much difference between the Read more…

Hand-painted photo

Apr 16, 2017

Bluegill, just like any other fish, grow slower in a hatchery setting than they would at a lower density.  For example, in a pond properly managed for trophy bluegill, the number of bluegill larger than one inch per acre will be measured in the hundreds, whereas in a hatchery pond there will be tens of thousands. Read more…

A recent hand-painted photo

Mar 23, 2017

So this picture was taken at dusk, with a cell phone, and won’t be winning any photography awards…But we thought those of you interested in our hand-painted bluegill might like to see how big they can get:

Want to Grow Monster Bluegill in Kentucky? Stock Hand-Painteds!

Want to Grow Monster Bluegill in Kentucky? Stock Hand-Painteds!

Jan 17, 2017

There is a wide range of opinions in the fish world about how far north coppernose bluegill will thrive. A well-respected hatchery in the Deep South claims to have stocked them successfully as far north as Michigan; conversely, one of our competitors here in Tennessee has been making the dubious claim to pond owners that Read more…

Repairing Tennessee Lakes and Ponds: Beware the Polymers

Jan 17, 2017

Spending a small fortune to build a pond is a stressful process. Unfortunately, the stress level is often magnified when the pond begins to fill, and the landowner waits weeks and then months for the water to flow into the spillway…Only to realize in the end that his new pond has a leak. Most leaks Read more…

Don’t Pay This Kentucky Pond Company a Deposit

Jan 11, 2017

I will never hesitate to admit I’m a competitive person; I approach everything I do with this mindset; I haven’t acquired a new hobby in the last thirty years because anything I do, I want to be the best, and there’s only so much time in the day. So I’ll freely admit that if I Read more…

Another hand-painted bluegill video

Jan 5, 2017

So this one was taken December 26:

Growing Trophy Bluegill: It’s in the Details

Dec 25, 2016

When we first started this blog four years ago, I made a post entitled, “Getting Serious about Monster Bluegill.”  That post has evidently been helpful to a good number of pond owners.  I realized recently that a follow-up was needed. You can stock the best genetics in your bluegill, crowd your bass so they look like Read more…

Tennessee Pond Stocking: Thirty Minutes that Can Impact the Next Forty Years

Dec 24, 2016

Your Initial Pond Stocking – long term effects! We work on ponds all the time that have been in existence, and often have had fish in them, for forty or fifty years or even longer.  More often than not, older ponds do not have fisheries that are in a highly desirable state; various environmental factors, Read more…

Stocking and Managing Tennessee Ponds: Avoid Deception

Dec 24, 2016

In a perfect world, every business owner would be honest to a fault, brimming with integrity, and always concerned with the best interest of the customer above his own.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where people will sometimes bend the truth, sometimes outright break it, for the sake of making a quick buck.  Sometimes Read more…